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“It’s tougher to work through the blockage

Second Cath Lab Enables New Procedures NorthBay Medical Center is now home to two cardiac catheterization labs, which does a lot more than just double cardiologists’ ability to schedule and treat patients.After a roughly $5 million investment, NorthBay Medical Center opened its second cardiac catheterization lab in August 2013. The new lab is specifically focusedContinue reading ““It’s tougher to work through the blockage”

And while he supports renewing the state 2 percent

Minnesota Legislature convenes with talk of cooperation The Minnesota Legislature convened Tuesday with lawmakers and a new governor making hopeful sounds about bipartisan cooperation, as Democrats took control of the House and Republicans maintained their narrow Senate majority. As lawmakers arrived at the House and Senate chambers, they were greeted by dozens of red shirtedContinue reading “And while he supports renewing the state 2 percent”

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